Joseph Prigozhin announced the details of the conflict with Catherine Gordon

according to NSN, the Russian producer Joseph Prigogine in conversation with journalists has announced details of his conflict with the singer, and a leading lawyer, Catherine Gordon.

Prigogine Previously accused Gordon of being jealous to his wife, singer Valeria because the TV host criticized the singer’s decision to create a party “Strong women” and run for the Duma in 2021.

Gordon called Valeria is unable to join other people: “a man without age, position, and emotion,” said the journalist, and received from Prigogine definition of “toad”.

“Who is Kate Gordon? The lawyer without the status, the singer without a voice… Valeria not familiar with it. I do not know… she doesn’t even Have his name. Using the situation for their own PR. She is a nobody… Stupid monetizing an artificially created image of the victim. You need to expose it. The victim is not it, and those who have dealing with it,” said Joseph Prigogine.

Read the details in the material MK: Prigogine has called Gordon “the toad” because of the criticism of the party Valerie