A small slot in the centre of the village of Vilters SG for big Trouble. Because his neighbor has placed the water drain (material value: around 300 Swiss francs) directly to the property line, defends Josef Guntli (71) with hands and feet against it.

“I’m pulled up in front of the Federal court. I count decision fees and lawyer costs, costs me the whole Fun of 20’000 Swiss francs!”, the retired machinery technician says.

shaft provides for police to use

Since 1973, Guntli lives on the property, never had problems. Up to 2016. “All of a sudden was dug in my garden. I had to call the police,” the single Senior.

Nevertheless, he can not prevent the shaft between his barn and the neighbor’s house. “This is pure harassment. Without asking, is derived from my rain water”, the shaft opponent.

The attacked home-owners (75), responded: “Guntlis rain water seeped into the basement of my property. Therefore, the shaft stays where it is today.”

as a compromise, to move the shaft about three meters, fails, litigated up Guntli, unsuccessfully, to Lausanne.

there is A conflict with no prospect of a Happy ending

“can’t be found, Summarized, that the defendant tampered with the water running to the detriment of the plaintiff”, the St. Gallen cantonal court as examples for all instances. “My arguments were not heard in the first place. And my lawyers, it was only a matter financially to cash in”, complains Guntli.

in Addition, he had found out much too late that the Creation of the Bay would have been subject to a permit.

“of Course, I had a permit, the municipality was informed. If that’s not soon comes to an end, back to suit me!” threatens the neighbor and warns his adversary: He can observe recently in the attempt, the seepage water of the neighbourhood redirect.