SPOILER WARNING – if you haven’t seen the latest season of “Game of Thrones”, read more here.

Since the first season of the direwolf Ghost on the side of Jon Snow (Kit Harington, 32). The animal was always loyal and fought in the last battle fiercely against the White walkers – and had to lose even ear.

Jon Snow is the Ghost on the left

lie was In the last episode for Jon Snow now farewell to his surviving friends and companions. He makes his way to the South, while Tormund (Kristofer Hivju, 40), Samwell (John Bradley, 30) and the wildlings retreat to the North. Also Ghost should join them.

While the adoption of people-to-people fails cordially, has left Jon for his four-legged friend is not even a word of recognition or a brief caress. He makes the Ghost just after this has risked his life in battle.

“I’m Jon Snow never forgive”

the popular character Jon Snow collects any amount of minus points with the Fans. Because the their Anger on Twitter air.

“Ghost, lost in the battle, an ear, and Jon couldn’t pet him goodbye? What are you doing?”, a Fan asks.

“The broken heart of Westeros,” writes another User.

“I’m going to forgive Jon Snow never, he has not touched even the Ghosts nose, before he went. You know nothing of true love, Jon Snow.”

Director explains why the scene was so emotionless

In an Interview with “HuffPost”, explains Director David Nutter (59), that the goodbye between Jon Snow and Ghost wasn’t meant to be. “As the shadow wolves, the CGI creatures are, we thought that we should keep the scene as simple as possible. I believe that she was this emotional.” In clear text: The scene should, if possible, be produced at low cost.

The actor of Samwell says: “I think Jon knows what he leaves behind. He is a noble man and he knows what it means to make sacrifices ( … ), He knows that he has a responsibility towards the Ghost, and Sam and Gilly and Baby Sam, he knows where you will be safe.” And more: “Hopefully, white Ghost, what he means to Jon, and Vice – versa.” And Tormund-cast Hivju: “The South is no place for a shadow wolf.”

So Fans had the farewell

is desired, Despite everything, the Fans are of the opinion that Ghost deserves a couple of pats. This scene is not the Only one that caused a commotion. Recently discovered Fans of a forgotten coffee-paper cups in a row (LOOK told). Twitter still has a proposal on how the goodbye between Jon Snow and Ghost would look like. Namely, exactly. (paf)