Joke's over: Pavlensky in France from a pretty eccentric was an

Refused to testify, prohibited the search at home and boycotted given to him by state counsel. It’s a riot Peter Pavlensky, who was detained in France on suspicion in intervention in the personal life of Benjamin Hryvnia — ex-the candidate in mayors of Paris, from the ruling party. The politician withdrew from the race after the Internet appeared the video with his participation. In fact, dirty dirt intimate persuasion published, it was argued, the so-called “Russian actionist”. Last, I should say, not envy: in addition to the cases of publication of obscene shots it is more and article about a stabbing. Although all attention is now, of course, to the first point. Among the expected answers to the question: how to do, in the hands of Pavlensky got Amateur porn with the participation of reputable policy? Here of special interest is the personality of Alexandra de Taddeo, called the friend escaped pyromaniac. She was arrested along with him.

She was 29 years old, originally she’s from a place called Metz. Currently an Intern at UNESCO as a lawyer and human rights activist and is master in international law in Toulouse. With Petr Pavlensky, presumably, meets January 2019.

Living in the Sixteenth district of Paris, where at the exit of the hotel on 15 February was with her, arrested Peter Pavlensky. For quick help, many things become clear: sex scandal with pictures could be a planned provocation. It may turn out to Pavlensky and his French girlfriend real, not the conditional problem.

“first, we observe interference in the internal Affairs of the state. That is, the French, despite their tolerance and loyalty, also has a chapel. And to tolerate the spread of such videos, when there is an election, that is, when there are certain lobbyists candidate, when have already invested money, they will not. Here Pavlensky has already passed for this face,” explains the analyst Natalia Yeliseyevand.

that is against both opened a criminal case, okay. And there is not a door of the Bank, for which the term conditional Pavlensky received, or there is something not outstanding, nailed to the pavement. There has to be both a real sentence. The joke was over. Sit down both of you. But the French voice is already open: bring him home, in Russia, it’s not necessary.

ladies and gentlemen, relax: to deprive Pavlensky political asylum for the crime impossible. In General, eyes have seen that I took it: so now that you feed it will have on their taxes.

“To be deprived of refugee status, it is required that he has committed a crime of such serious international crimes: for example, a war crime, a crime against peace, a crime against humanity, that it was contrary to the UN Charter,” — adds the President of the Russian Association of international law Anatoly Kapustin.

But back to Madame de Taddeo. Person in France is little known today only studied. Prior to that, she particularly noticed in any of the scandals were not. There was only a rare interview short-run Newspapers on art and architecture. But experts say that Alexander had access to the French Bohemian crowd, had extensive contacts among artists, architects, writers. Now the French media referred to the couple not who other, as “agents of the Kremlin”.

“Some even in the Studio invite desperate Russophobes who are more cunning than usual, which does not say: Yes, this is a direct conspiracy by Putin to destroy the career of this Hryvnia, which actually nobody in Russia heard. But they say: in fact this scheme made “device you know who”. They don’t even tell who’s behind this! Because, as always, no proof, no details, nothing. But I suspect the Russian! Companion, who was with the Hryvnia, transferred or herself this video or not? Or is it a fraud, which made for RubioM. But why? It is not very clear!” says political observer Dmitry de koshko.

But what is no doubt absolutely the experts, those that are deprived of Russophobic fears is that some could use for political purposes, are the forces, which are concentrated in France and oppose President Emmanuel Macron and his team.

“This is certainly someone used against him. If it Pavlensky? Someone used Pavlensky? Also possible. But if someone used it at the level of French political life. It is much clearer” — is looking for answers political observer Dmitry de koshko.

while You are there to understand, dear European partners, who to the brother who is a matchmaker. But we are back Pavlensky not shvatite: if we undertook to protect the oppressed, the persecuted politically talented artist, actionist, and God knows whom, then continue in the same spirit, it is not our problem. Sorry, it’s yours.