The Film had garnered at the Mostra already to get the most attention from critics and audiences, and remained especially with the outstanding performance of Joaquin Phoenix in memory.

Phillips, known as the Director of “the Hangover”-slapstick films, told with socially critical undertones of the history of the villain from the Batman Comics. Because a book template is missing, he could take a lot of narrative liberties.

As the best actor of the Italian Luca Marinelli was honored for his role in “Martin Eden”. The award for best actress, the French Ariane Ascaride for “Gloria Mundi” received.

The Big prize of the Jury went to Roman Polanski’s Film “an Officer and a Spy” about the Jewish French army officer Alfred Dreyfus, condemned in 1894 by a court-martial in Paris for alleged treason in favour of the German Empire to be wrong.

the participation of the Polanski film of the Festival, there had been a prior controversy. The living in France, Roman Polanski is wanted in the United States due to sexual intercourse with a Minor by the police. In 1977, he had Sex with the then 13-year-old Samantha Geimer, a year later, he fled from the United States. The U.S. film Academy had excluded Polanski because of the fall in the past year. (SDA)