Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke out in defense of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill urged not to rewrite the past. About this politician said in his column for The Telegraph.

According to him, Churchill was a supporter of a variety of views over his impressive career. However, it is crazy to accuse him of racism when he alone stood against the racist tyranny that is without resistance, provided they have swept over the country itself and the rest of Europe. Johnson said that Churchill was a hero, and promised to oppose any attempts to remove his statue from Parliament square, writes TASS.

the Prime Minister also said that he doubts the correctness of a campaign to edit or correction of the entire cultural landscape. This will lead to the distortion of history. He was called to fight with the problem of racism, not with symbols in an attempt to rewrite the past. Johnson announced the creation of the intergovernmental Commission, which will consider all aspects of inequality in all spheres.

Earlier during the rallies in memory of the dead in the USA the African-American George Floyd vandals threw into the Bay the monument to merchant, philanthropist and MP Edward Colston in Bristol. Racist inscriptions were painted on a statue of Churchill. London authorities were forced to close plywood boards a number of monuments.