Russia had no effect on the vote for British exit from the EU, said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

According to Bloomberg, the British Prime Minister believes that posted on 21 July, the report of the parliamentary Committee on intelligence and security does not contain any evidence that Russia had an impact on a referendum in 2016. He also said that criticism of the government and accusations of unwillingness to investigate “the Russian intervention” in a referendum on leaving the EU — is the machinations of the proponents of EU membership.

What we have is the wrath and fury of the proponents of membership in the European Union, who saw that in the report there is no conclusive evidence, said Johnson.

According to the Prime Minister, those who insist on the investigation of Russia’s intervention in Brexit, wish to undermine the outcome of the referendum on leaving the European Union. So he answered the accusations of the leader of the opposition labour party of Kira Stammer that required Johnson to explain why the government has not investigated the possible interference.

Wrote Russia foreign Minister of the United Kingdom Dominic Raab said that Russia attempted to influence the outcome of the British parliamentary elections of 2019. According to him, the Russian forces attempted to interfere in the vote, “actively spreading illegally obtained and made available as a result of leakage of government documents.”