In fact, the British have become accustomed to the daily television briefings on the pandemic situation, involving leading doctors and government advisers on medical issues. The first of these briefings was held March 16, Boris Johnson. After a serious illness the head of the government handed over the conduct of briefings to the Minister of health, but from time to time appeared in front of the cameras himself.

Today, Johnson announced a new initiative of the office: from now on, the daily briefings will take place in the afternoon at Downing street, 9. The head of the government admitted that the success of the daily briefings on the coronavirus inspired him to continue the dialogue with the people, introducing the now political topics and pressing issues. The goal of the new initiative of Johnson for the British maximally transparent work of the government.

As the tramp, Johnson does not intend to be present at each briefing – instead, it will only “from time to time to stop by”. Until today, political observers and journalists accredited in the House of Commons of the British Parliament, were present at the two daily briefings with the representative or Deputy Prime Minister. The new information strategy Downing street, which starts in October, provides that an evening meeting will be broadcast on the TV screens, then as the morning briefing will still be held behind closed doors.

according to British media reports, now there is a search for an experienced facilitator on behalf of the government will hold briefings in the style of the White house.