Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins? The first two institutions are famous worldwide and are considered the most elite U.S. universities in General. But in times of Coronavirus experts at the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in Baltimore, Maryland are at the forefront when it comes to inform the Public and to explore the Virus. The official Figures indicating how many people have died in a certain country on the Coronavirus, or where it is measured, how fast the Virus spreads, the fastest way from Johns Hopkins University.

On the interactive map, created by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering of the prestigious University in Maryland, it is possible to accurately track where there is how many Corona cases. Thus, the German Public learned on Monday that the Federal Republic had passed on Sunday evening, the threshold of 100,000 infections.

if you zoom in on the map closer to the USA, can even to the County exactly. As it stood Wednesday afternoon has given, in Outagamie County, in the Northern state of Wisconsin, for example, so far, 25 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, including one death. The Macro-survey shows that the U.S. is now, by far, most of the Corona cases, ahead of countries such as Spain, Italy and Germany.

user-friendly Corona information

a nationwide and offer at the same time small-scale Overview, collect JHU scientists Figures from the world health organization (WHO), regional and national ministries of health and local media reports. The interactive map with their results presented in the JHU Center for Systems Science and Engineering, for the first time on 22. January to the Public.

The Portal “was developed to help researchers, public health authorities and provide the Public with a user-friendly tool available to the (Coronavirus)outbreak in real time,” said Lauren Gardner, engineering and health expert at the JHU, in a blog entry.

Other researchers of the JHU are working hard to learn more about the Virus. Peter Thielen and Thomas Mehoke, a molecular biologist at the JHU, are in the process of decoding the genome of SARS-CoV-2, such as the novel Coronavirus is,. This can provide you with valuable information. “Of the Genomes that we see (here in Maryland), we can conclude on an approximate number of positive cases in the state,” said Mehoke in an Interview for a JHU Website. “This gives us a better understanding of the size of the problem. And this is especially important, because there are in some places only a limited number of Tests.”

first Class medical treatment and research

JHU-doctors are now testing a new method of treatment against the Virus. You have built up a network of hospitals across the country, where the Plasma of convalescent COVID-19-patients are isolated and will be investigated. The hope: That you have to treat with an Infusion of plasma from people who have survived the Virus, “seriously ill COVID-19 patients, and the immune system of medical personnel and emergency workers could strengthen,” the University reports.

Who is treated in the at the University-affiliated Johns Hopkins Hospital, has taken it well. The hospital is one of the best in the United States. For 2019/2020, it was ranked in the nationwide hospital Ranking in the “U.S. News & World Report” third place, as in the past three years. The geriatrics Department of the Johns Hopkins hospital, responsible for the treatment of elderly people, a Coronavirus-risk group, occupied in the current Ranking and even the first place and is thus considered to be the best Department of its kind in the United States.

And also in the health research area JHU excellent cuts. In the past few years, the University took repeatedly place in the “U.S. News & World “Ranking for its master’s program in Public Health. The University has produced 18 Nobel prize winner for medicine, for the last two JHU researchers won the award in 2019.

No wonder, then, that JHU researchers and experts are at the forefront in the fight against the Coronavirus in the process.

author: Carla Bleiker

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