The whole world is watching the trial between Amber Heard and her ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp. If you want to get an idea of ​​what is happening, you can easily follow the process live.

Amber Heard (36) recently stood on the witness stand in the defamation trial of her ex-husband Johnny Depp (58). She described the alleged violence in tears to the court and made serious allegations against the Hollywood star. Unlike in Germany, such hearings in US courts are public and filmed. If you don’t want to miss the full length of the trial, you can watch the trial live on video.

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Heard and Depp met in 2011 while filming The Rum Diary. Only after the separation from Vanessa Paradis (49) did the relationship really pick up speed. It sparked between the two actors. The Pirates of the Caribbean star has ensnared Heard with trips to exotic locations and also put his best foot forward in front of her family. But the intense relationship quickly turned into a nightmare.

Johnny Depp is said to have become increasingly violent over time and threw a glass at Amber Heard. When she ridiculed his tattoo for his ex-wife Winona Ryder (50), he is said to have struck. The actor said he was remorseful after this incident, but he allegedly didn’t stick to it and kept getting violent. Above all, the consumption of alcohol and drugs is said to have made him unpredictable. Amber Heard then pulled the rip cord in 2016 and separated from her husband. They agreed to an extrajudicial divorce. In the current trial, Depp had repeatedly sworn under oath that he had never hit a woman.

In the mud fight in front of a US court between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the actress now has the floor. Heard is on the witness stand in her ex-husband’s defamation trial. With tears, she describes alleged violence – and her initial love.

Amber Heard has unsuccessfully filed a motion to dismiss Johnny Depp’s lawsuit in the defamation trial. The process will continue for the time being.

Amber Heard is frustrated by the media coverage of her over the past few weeks. That’s why she has now changed her PR team.