Johanna Bundi Ryser: Often the perpetrator of protection outweighs the protection of victims. If a teacher or the authorities realize that a husband or father is behaving unusually, you have to ask often unscrupulous, in the case of the family. Sure, it takes some effort-and also clues that show that something is wrong. One has to suspect also is not equal to the father of the Worst. But I must say: It looks to be a little hung. I wish I had more Courage.

Sometimes it is difficult. Part Femizide happen in families that come to our country and the life here is isolated. Or there are women who are ashamed of and nothing to tell. So much can happen behind closed doors. All in the community are silent about it. Nothing penetrates to the outside.

We do not always have the means to do so. Often the legal basis is missing. We are not able to take such men preventive for long periods of time. But that would be sometimes important in order to defuse the Situation. Therefore, it has annoyed me also, as the President of the Swiss women’s houses (Anm. ed: Susan A. Peter) has pushed in the VIEW of the police, the blame for the fact in Dietikon in the shoes.

it only brings in an acute Situation as a squad. But a preventive arrest is not enough. The police can’t prevent Femizide alone.

We need to be aware of: There is no 100 percent safe method to prevent Femizide. Even with such measures. I think it’s wrong to initiate something and then think we had solved the Problem.

It’s prevention, awareness raising and an open exchange of information needs. In addition, a better Interaction of the parties involved would be needed: Kesb, victims ‘ assistance agencies, police, social services. If, for example, the Department of social services or the Kesb in the case of families notice any irregularities, it is important that you report fully to the police.

The data protection act makes it difficult.

it does. Also, my male colleagues makes it affected. You have wives, Girlfriends and daughters at home. Sometimes you understand it so hardly, that you can not move a woman to go to the woman’s house. Or to contact a victim assistance Agency.

In the police everyday, it can happen that police officers are perceived as insensitive. But most of them are sensitive, I know from my own experience. I am against generalizations. Perhaps this accusation is also, therefore, that damaged women wish that we can do more for you. Maybe they are also disappointed. But our resources is not easy. We need to clarify the Situation and look at what criminally relevant. Therefore, the victims are help is so important.

In some Police forces there is certainly still room for improvement – especially in relation to senior management positions.

When I speak about reconciliation of work and family, I push to shake head. Individual police commanders tell me it is impossible in this area – I don’t be realistic. The needs of young women and men have changed. Also men today want to be fathers, more spend time with the kids and that’s why part-time work. It is a rethinking and a new role needs to understand the other.

for instance, It must be possible to work more from home or part-time, and to make job-sharing. Reports can also write at home. As long as you try, you can’t say that.

Maybe. But I also see that it may be due to the women. A man from my area is superior at the police, and wanted to give two mothers to the possibility of job sharing. Both insisted, however, that you can only work on certain days. So you were both sometimes even on the same day. Therefore, the project is failed at the end.

You told me at the beginning of that 60 percent, and that they could not use me with the workload as an investigator. I did not believe it and wanted to try it.

Yes, because I was flexible. For example, I have organized a Babysitter, when I was needed in the case of a house search.

It was not always easy. But so many of the families. My husband has supported me. And I got mother a good day. Childcare would be in the police force today is a Must.

I might have to think of this, for example, during demonstrations or football games – where more and more police officers than usual to be mobilized. Such events are usually planned. You know about how to run, when to start, when you are to the end. The fathers and mothers could make when engaging the child in the best care knowing and after use a pick-up. This model is already abroad.

Sometimes corner I to – I don’t mind that. I experience hostility. But the most I am accepted. As President of the VSPB you have to come out of the police profession. If I were a lawyer or an Economist, I would harvest less acceptance.

The irritated. If I’m in the media, a strong presence, there are those that say You’re in love.

It’s not about me, but about the function of President of the police officers Association. As the first woman in this Position and with my business, I know, of course, interesting for the media. I would like to use for the concerns of the members. I myself got nothing out of it. I’m no politician wants to be elected.

the men at the has nothing to do with it. I would like to simply engage in the community, in our country, for the society. As a football-Junior trainer. Because I can help shape the development of the juniors That you will learn decency, that you give to each other that you can also lose or resistance must prevail.

I grew up in a Rhaeto-Romanic village in the Grisons. We are the parents of seven children. With us at the kitchen table and feel that Temperament. As I’ve learned, the elbow is extended and to give me a hearing.

My roots are not in the village of Sumvitg, I’m in a big city such as Zurich grew up in. I’m not an academic, and I make no secret of the fact.

I only say That because that is a lot of people is so important. Me. In spite of my origin I could not now live in our village. It would constrain me too much.

I am proud that I can help shape the security issues in Switzerland. But my motto is: I’m just a link in the chain. Without the other links, I would achieve nothing.

I’ll tell you something now – it’s about a former Federal councillor, I have previously estimated. There was a meeting with him, I was represented as a female police officer at the Federal criminal police office. It was a hostage situation in an Embassy. We had prepared long and well. The Federal Council came in, sat down grusslos at the end of the table to the chair, and invited us to present our Resulta te. Since the Store is down for me. Who he is, if he says Good day? For me is not clear since: So lifted, that I once more greetings, I’m sure.

Johanna Bundi Ryser (56) is since 2016 President of the police officers Association of VSPB. As the first woman ever to do so. She is also the First in this function, the skin also changes on the table – if it serves the cause of the police officers. So you complained in the past, your former Boss, Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga to the public: This would be too little for the police officers. At the time it came to violence against police officers. Grew up in Bundi Ryser in a large family in a graubünden mountain village. In addition to her Job at the VSPB she works at the Federal criminal police. She lives with her husband and twelve-year-old son in the Bern Region.