“I must admit that it is probably some of the most insane, I’ve been out for a long time,” says Simon Talbot.

The 33-year-old standupkomiker, which like the rest of Denmark for the time being is affected by the corona-crisis, and therefore have got lots of involuntary down-home good time, was on the Friday morning out to run a trip close to his home at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen.

When he briefly stops up in front of a Net-shop and regret over not being able to take a fun picture of a big pile of toilet paper in the showcase, smell, he suddenly smoke.

“I turns me on and see this apartment building, which stands four metres high stikflammer up from one of the upper balconies,” says Simon Talbot.

“another guy who stands close to me, is to call the police, and then sprints otherwise we both over against the building to get people out,” he says further.

the Adrenaline pumps. He presses all the buttons on the opgangens entryphone and shouts and cries to people that they need to hurry out of their apartments.

So he runs inside.

“There is a fine line between being hero and idiot, and I am just thinking that if there comes such a heavy smoke, that I can’t crawl under, then I’ll run out again and wait for the fire department,” says Simon Talbot, who considered that it was not yet the case.

Complete tilsodet he runs around from door to door svalegangene and get people down on the street.

In the meantime, residents from nabobygningerne either come out on their balconies to shout people up or standing ready to help out in front.

“I can see that there are full of people on the outside. All thankfully at home,” says Simon Talbot.

the Capital’s Preparedness for writing in their døgnrrapport of Friday the 20. march at 11:01:

’the Fire in the furniture on the balcony, off of the occupant before beredskabets arrival. Inspection and handed over the site of injury to police and skadeservicefirma.’

the Fire is, fortunately, occurred on the top floor, so the fire does not reach on to several occasions, before the owner even gets a handle on the situation.

Down in front of the apartment building is Simon Talbot afterwards in unnatural corona-distance to the others who helped to.

“You have the desire to give highfive or hug, but we must not, after all,” he laughs and adds:

“But I felt that we had a community, because right now we the same time have a common enemy in the coronaen. I was just happen to be the first, who saw that there was fire.”

When the fire department shows up, and he thinks that there is a track of it all, runs Simon Talbot home to his wife, who wonders why he has been such a long time away and at the same time, the smell of the bonfire.

“I say to her that I stink not of the bonfire, I stink of completely. She made it sound as though I had just been to the scout,” laughs Simon Talbot, who definitely is going to use the experience in his standup.

“If I can’t use it for anything that I have run into a burning building, then I’m a bad comedian, haha.”