Joe Biden has slipped and twisted his ankle while playing with his dog Major, according to a statement from his office, which said the 78-year-old’s health will be examined by an orthopaedic specialist.

Biden’s motorcade was seen arriving at the Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists in Newark, but reportedly maneuvered so that journalists on the press pool could not see him entering the building.

More from Biden’s press pool as the President-Elect goes to the doctor: “The van was maneuvered so that reporters and photographers could not see the president elect as he left the motorcade and entered the building. The transition team will not allow journalists off the van.”

Biden’s dog Major has received fawning press attention since the Democrat’s projected victory in the presidential election, which Donald Trump continues to challenge. The German Shepherd is a rescue animal, and would be the first to reside in the White House.

Biden’s advanced age combined with a history of public gaffes has made his latest ‘slip’ fodder for his critics on social media.

Fit to lead a country but can’t play with his dog without being hospitalized

“Fit to lead a country but can’t play with his dog without being hospitalized,” reporter Jon Miller joked.

Joe Biden slipped and twisted his ankle. They better get him his life alert device soon.

Many others, however, have simply wished the Democrat well, with some pushing back against the mockery. 

I had to pull my car over! So what #JoeBiden slipped and hurt his ankle playing with his dog! That has ZERO to do with age media!!!! I had two bike accidents and two head injuries before I was 40! Slipped one year doing tree lights on the house! It’s normal! Not age!

Sending positive thoughts to our President-elect @JoeBiden for a speedy recovery from an ankle injury!

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