“We fight for the soul of America.” The Americans would have to vote for hope and against fear, for unity and against division, for truth and against lies, said the profiles of politicians.

“Donald Trump is not the only President who has chosen to represent the whole country,” he said to the former Deputy of Barack Obama to his followers. The country had been of the “bankers of Wall Street, business leaders and hedge Fund managers”. “It was built up of you!”

The 76-Year-old had announced last week his application to the presidential candidacy of the opposition Democrats. In the large field of Applicants of his party, the longtime Senator has been at the forefront and has become a preferred target of attacks from President Trump.

Biden wants to bring, among other things, voters of the working class. While unionized workers were, for a long time a pillar of support of the Democrats, had Trump in 2016, many voters from the working class on his side. The Democrats now hope to win these voters back. Biden is as close to the people, and enjoys when workers have a good reputation.

As the site of his first election campaign appearance was in Pittsburgh, in the state of Pennsylvania chosen Wisely: In the presidential election of 2020, Pennsylvania is likely to play a key role. The Federal government was passed in 2008 and 2012 to Obama. 2016 could prevail Trump here, but almost against his democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

“If I can beat Donald Trump in 2020, then it will happen here,” said Biden on Monday in Pittsburgh. “With your help, we will be able to make it.”