A last Check in the bathroom is damaging to definitely never! Just before your conversation, you should check again whether everything really saddle is firmly in place – so you expertly through the nervous minutes before the interview.


The pretty blouse and Jeans sitting tight, but, unfortunately, the notice glands of the Sweat. The thickness of the welding spots are but the last, your future boss will want to meet. With so deodorant and spray in the bathroom. But beware: stains with water to wash away, would you increase, probably. And you should not overdo it with the deodorant, too!

Unintentionally shining appearance

the face is often taken from the Welding. A shiny greasy face, however, shows nervousness, which is probably to be avoided. You have to resort to towels to a transparent powder, or a simple paper, with which the face can DAB.


A Smile is the best Makeup you can wear. Of course it is, unless the lunch is still hanging between the teeth. The solution: you Have silk always a little tooth in the bag, so that you are prepared for the unexpected Remains.

Drink, drink, drink!

So you get no unpleasant odor in the mouth, which could even extend up to the Opposite, you should, and during the conversation enough to drink. To take, therefore, the offer of a glass of water gratefully and attack you from time to time thereafter.

No panic

you Will be in the bathroom suddenly dim and you’ll be all red in the face? They give some cold water on the wrists and temples – this stimulates the circulation and refreshes.

goodbye self doubt

The only person who asks “Can you do that?”, you, yourself, are. Place the self-doubt, because ultimately you have convinced up to this point and were not invited for no reason.

cheat sheet review

In the best case, you noted on a small piece of paper the name of your interview partner. You can also capture short keywords or information about the company that you want to mention in the interview. Check before the Start, so once again, your cheat sheet and off you go!

The appearance of starts before the conversation

log in to the reception and finally have a few minutes of waiting. You treat the Person at the reception already so, as you would be your interview partner. You never know, what is the relationship of the employees with each other to maintain, or whether the Person is even involved in the conversation.

Smalltalk wins

you will Be picked up then finally from the recruiters, you should be good at the small talk prepared. Even if the actual interview has not yet started, you can show openness and interest. So you make a good first impression and are ready for the Interview.