A low salary, Overtime pay, little recognition and a bad Reputation in the General Public: There are many factors that can make Working miserable. Many people are in your profession, not always happy, but there are a few Jobs that are generally perceived as ungrateful.

The German comparison portal Gehalt.de has interviewed about 600 people and found out what the ungrateful most Jobs. Their is also?

What makes a professional ungrateful

In this case, money plays a role: When it comes to Job satisfaction, the salary for most workers in the first place. Because 85 percent of the respondents stated that low income is a factor in why you complain about your Job.

More points for a sense of ingratitude in the profession, with 68 percent of high health risk, and 46 percent a lot of Overtime. 39 percent said strict physical burden as a reason of dissatisfaction.

all of These professions are particularly ungrateful

In the first place, the ingratitude of the profession of the nurse is. Approximately 91 percent reported that this profession due to a high health risk and a strong physical stress, as not satisfactorily to be classified. In addition, the low pay also plays a major role.

right behind this package, follow the messengers, teachers, garbage men and women, police officers and waiters. In all of these Jobs have a low assessment, and in particular in financial terms.

The professions at a Glance:

nurse package drawing garbage men/-women, police officers, waiters