The German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne is looking for “terrestrial astronauts”. In the course of a NASA study, subjects should lie around for 30 days. And there should be an expense allowance of 11,000 euros for full participation. This is how DLR writes it in a job advertisement on the Internet.

The study, which will last a total of 59 days, will examine the physical changes caused by weightlessness in space. The participants have to lie in bed for a total of 30 days – with their heads down by six degrees. The ad says: “In this position you experience the same (reversible!) physical changes as an astronaut.” The possible impairments are therefore not permanent.

In contrast to an earlier study from 2019, this time a reclining bicycle ergometer should also be used so that the test persons do not suffer from excessive muscle atrophy.

But who can participate? Basically everyone, under the following conditions: