For his role in “Joker” was Joaquin Phoenix (44) to its limits. He plays the would-be comedian Arthur Fleck, better known as the Joker. The is emaciated, with a bowed posture and falls slowly to the madness. to be

one with the role, took the actor a drastic diet. There were rumours that he was to take the whole day, only an Apple ass, faster 20 kilograms. In an Interview with “Access”, he managed this rumor is now out of the world. “It was not an Apple a day. There was also salad and steamed green beans”, revealed the actor in his dining plan. Has obviously done its work. Phoenix has lost only 23 pounds.

The diet had to be monitored by the doctor

Alone, he has not drawn this diet but, he was in the care of a doctor. “This is something I’ve done before. You work closely with the doctor, everything is monitored, is safe and tightly planned out,” he explains.

Todd Phillips (48), the producer of the film, however, was not a big help in weight loss. “Todd had this wicked good pretzels in his office, which I love so much. Tons of way! It was difficult,” complained Phoenix.

Not only the physical preparation for the role was challenging and also the mental. He had a complicated, mixed feelings when you read the script, what was the character of the Joker. It would have challenged him, but he would have liked it.

“It was not always edible”

“It is not a simple Film. And it is sometimes disturbing and uncomfortable,” he admits, and adds, however, “But then you feel suddenly this enthusiasm. It was not always edible, but it makes you a very strong emotional reaction feel. I think that is what I’m looking for in a movie, certainly as an actor, and I think even as a spectator.” (bsn)