The little sister of Fabien “Fäbu” Rohrer (43) back to: Jo Elle (40) has a new Album, “Soul Journey” in the Luggage. “With this record, I arrived there, where I want to be,” says the Bernese Reggae singer. “I write all the Songs themselves. You have to act from my experiences, but also of major life issues of concern to all: love, happiness, failure, and to go his own way.”

the Choice of Zurich singer, whose musical idols, Bob Marley (†36) and Beyoncé (37) has Taken to her new Album, a quasi-home in Zurich-Höngg, mixed by the Jamaican Reggae Star Claye (36). “This is an absolute dream come true for me. His music accompanied me for years.”

brother Fäbu is your biggest Fan

Jo Elles biggest Fan is her famous brother and Ex-Snowboard Champ Fäbu. “He has heard my Album as the first and is excited.” He send her even a cell phone video, when he can hear them on the Radio, Jo Elle. “Fäbu is a great source of inspiration. Impressed me with his kind, to fight through life and even after defeats with courage to continue on.”

I have developed A direct access to the music her brother, but only through its participation in the SRF dance show “Shall we dance?,” reveals Jo Elle. A show of which you participate would like to. “I’ve taken as a child in ballet lessons.” Dancing was also an important part of their current Live Show. Jo Elle: “I am very much looking forward to this summer on the great Swiss stage.”