Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger.

During the quarantine broke a lot of star couples. Sorry if they are about it, years later, to guess difficult, but now we know for sure that former love and couldn’t let go of Jim Carrey.

During a recent interview with Sirius XM 58-year-old admitted that he still remembers his affair with Renee Zellweger. The actress, who is now 51, met Jim about a year after they worked together on the set of the film “me, myself and Irene” in 2000 the couple broke up.

Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger

She was really special to me, the love of my life

— said Carrie, who mentions an affair with the actress in his autobiography Memoirs and Misinformation.

shot from the movie “me, myself and Irene”

Despite the fact that the relationship was short, Jim seems to have experienced her deep feelings, which readily recalls two decades later.

However, Carrie seems to be all with the warmth refers to the former lover. So, in his autobiography, he mentions an affair with singer Linda of Ronsted that was older than him by 11 years. Himself Carrie at the time was not yet a famous actor.

I appreciate the people that have been in my life for the good that they gave me, and that is why Ransted holds a special place in the book. Because, you know, some people who look at it from the outside, it might seem that I was a boy for fun, but she treated me with incredible respect,

— said Jim.

Recall that after breaking up with Carrie Renee was married to musician Kenny chesney in 2005, but they divorced just four months later. She also met with Bradley Cooper and musician Doyle Bramhall II, with whom she broke up last year.

Jim was married to Melissa Womer from 1987 to 1995, in 1996 he had a short-lived marriage to Lauren Holly. He also met with Jenny McCarthy from 2005 to 2010. Was of Carrie and the affair ended in tragedy. His girlfriend Catriona white, who was younger than his 25 years, committed suicide a week after her breakup with actor in 2015. She was 28 years old. Later in her computer a message was discovered that she wrote to Jim two years before his death. In it she accused Carrie that he made her life in debauchery with sex and drugs, but also gave her herpes.