singers and Actresses such as Rihanna (31), Kendall Jenner (23) and Uma Thurman (49) sparkled the last few years, with Chopard jewelry on the red carpet of the Glamour Events such as the Grammies or Academy Awards. Better ad-makers for the Swiss jewellery and watch house Chopard is not.

But it seems that Chopard has been using the celebrities as figureheads, and do not, or paid too late. This statement in the case of the US PR Manager for Chopard, Desiree Gallas (37), in their lawsuit in the Manhattan Supreme Court in New York, as the “New York Post” reported.

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Gallas holds in it, you have your influential contacts, the A Celebrity convinced, the jewels on the red carpet of glitter occasions to wear. But Chopard will not have to pay the Stars, only too late, or not at all, but you also hoodwinked.

The jewelry and watch company have assured their top customers that the Gold in the noble pieces of social – and environmental-friendly has been mined. Not so, claims Gallas. A part of the jewelry was manufactured by a third party that had no ethical Standards for gold sourcing, she says.

jewelry houses want to be clean

Chopard’s legal representative rejected the allegations according to the newspaper, and pointed out that the company had been awarded this year by the Responsible Jewelry Council. In fact, Chopard was one of the first major jewelry company, which is committed to the use of social and environmental responsible beschafftem Gold.

On a request of a VIEW, the Chopard has-media not initially respond. (gnc)