more Than 4,000 Chinese made at the Monday evening Party in Luzern. With Rachel Guan (50). It is one of the successful Jeunesse Global seller from China. Like many of her colleagues, she was the first purchaser of products the US cosmetics company. Since 2013, she is using the products themselves. And is satisfied with it.

Three years later, Guan is Jeunesse-Global-entrepreneur. “I earn more now than in my old Job,” she says in an interview with LOOK. Today they make over 100’000 Swiss francs in the year. You can afford a luxury watch Shopping at Blancpain. Business risk, you had none. You would have to pay no rent for a shop, or expensive Computer infrastructure.

restaurateur rises

Even more successful her colleague. The former Boss of a successful restaurant chain is well on the way to the Jeunesse-Global-millionaire. According to the website of the Swiss-Jeunesse-Global-branch, also offers rejuvenation products have managed the world’s 15 employees. For the past four years, the entrepreneur focuses on Jeunesse Global. The old company, meanwhile her husband.

But money is not the only reason why Guan and your sponsor with Jeunesse Global transactions. “We bring people health, beauty and give you hope for a better and longer life.” As a proof of Guan cites the case of Ms. Zhu. This is terminally ill with cancer. Thanks to Jeunesse Global products, it was healed now, but you will feel better and have more energy.


a Total of 12’000 salespersons to be rewarded by Jeunesse Global with a Switzerland trip. In China, the products, the promise of a better life, are so popular, according to Ms. Guan is not a coincidence. “The pollution is a huge Problem. That is why it is so important that we cleanse our body.” In addition, you have than 50-year-old woman, hardly any other perspectives.

However, good income opportunities and products are only part of the story. Jeunesse Global is a so-called Multi-Level Marketing company. Successfully is the only one who manages to recruit as many Resellers.

With two of my friends go,

The Start is easy, like a Youtube Video of a Swiss-Jeunesse-Global-shows employee. In addition to almost 30 US dollars for the registration of my two friends. These are the basic stick for the two Teams, from each seller.

Similar to a tree, the Jeunesse-Global-Empire is quite developed then. Because the two friends have only large Fund if you build one of their own Teams. “The group can infinitely grow,” explains the Swiss Jeunesse Global distributor. Who is at the beginning of a tree is rewarded for the sales in all Branches.

It attracts a Million

The success with Jeunesse Global is measured in dollars, points, cycles, and finally, levels of the hierarchy. Mrs Guan’s colleague with diamond Status is already at level ten. But there’s more. It attracts a million bonus as a “Crown Diamond Director”. A little further away from the Jeunesse-Global-Olympus Mrs Guan. However, she has already worked on the third-highest level. As a Ruby Director, she was admitted to the reward trip.

Without risk. but in spite of Mrs Guan’s protestations with Jeunesse Global no one-to-riches The seller will distribute inside the overpriced products, namely, on their own account. You can buy one at the US parent company at wholesale price and resell with a margin. Customers get discounts, and then the Profit melts down for the sellers. The majority can’t live by Jeunesse-Global-sales.

No Concerns about smaller margins, or Keeping your Jeunesse-Global-Status to make meanwhile, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the founder of the Empire. Their wealth is growing unabated with each of the seller, which looks like Mrs Guan your luck with Jeunesse Global.