Jerusalem is not for sale in their

Palestine will submit to the UN security Council resolution against the “deal of the century”, proposed by trump. And Mahmoud Abbas is going to speak in the security Council in the next two weeks. This was stated by the permanent representative of Palestine to the United Nations.

Donald trump in the framework of its plan to resolve the middle East conflict offers the Arab state 50 billion dollars of investments, millions of new jobs and improving the business climate. Why the Palestinians are not happy?

the Path to prosperity consists of 180 pages. It is an ambitious plan for Donald trump to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. The so-called “deal of the century” promises to Palestine, not only the recognition of statehood, but also large economic benefits. In particular, reducing poverty in half over 10 years, doubling the GDP and attracting huge foreign investments. It would seem, this is an offer you can’t refuse, given the dire financial situation of the Palestinians.

the Economy is partially recognized state is heavily dependent on Israel. And 70 percent relies on foreign grants. GDP, according to the latest data from the world Bank, amounted to less than $ 15 billion. For comparison, in Israel it exceeds 400 billion. The economy in 2018 decreased by 8 percent. Unemployment rose to 24 percent.

And that’s what the administration trump promises to Palestine in return. In the next 10 years on its territory should be sold about 200 investment projects worth $ 50 billion. The States the money they are not going to give. According to the plan, the expenses must assume the Arab monarchies, and European and Asian States.

it is worth noting that none of the potential investors not yet confirmed his participation in this plan. However, trump has already said that the implementation of the “deal of the century” will enrich Palestine, will lead to the creation for its residents million jobs and bring it with 116 75 place in reytinGE Doing Business.

Map of the future Palestinian state – so what it drew Donald trump, is a lot of controversial issues. She, in particular, defines Jerusalem as the “undivided” capital of Israel, and secures for the last occupied settlements in Arab territories.

This is what a future State of Palestine can look like, with a capital in parts of East Jerusalem.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 28, 2020

It does not suit Palestine. She did not agree to give up claims to Jerusalem, and requires the restoration of recognition of their borders that existed before 1967.

on the one hand the trump plan gives the Palestinians access to Israeli ports — Haifa and Ashdod — and allows you to create two zones of prospective development, industrial and agricultural. At the same time, Israel has full control over the Jordan valley and the shore of the Dead sea. All that is permitted Palestine is to open up a resort for the development of the tourism sector.

“I don’t think we can call it a deal because the deal involves the involvement of both parties — says Emmanuel Dupuy, President of the European prospects and security. What we saw yesterday is a one — way agreement, which absolutely ignores problems and hopes of the Palestinians. Trump proposed a plan that will have a big impact on the domestic agenda, and Netanyahu just made a great gift. In General, the proposed trump deal gives Israel the right to continue to colonize the territory of Palestine.”

the Position of Donald trump as a former businessman is clear. He is confident that any conflict, even lasting for decades, can be solved with money. The plan of the President of the United States takes into account not only the principle of the Palestinians, who continue to insist: Jerusalem is not for sale.