Chantal (20) and Cédric H.* (22) are destroyed on the ground. You have lost your brother Jérôme H.* (†18). He died on Sunday in Boowald between Vordemwald AG, and St. Urban, LU, when he came with his bike on the oncoming lane and head-on into a BMW crashed.

“It’s so sad,” says Chantal H. at home in the Canton of Lucerne. Jeri, I called them on Sunday: “I missed it, and then, he texted. But I haven’t heard back from him.”

Töfffahren was his favorite hobby

Jerome H. is there on his 600 Honda on the road. “He did this often. Sometimes also with colleagues,” says Chantal H. – brother Cédric H. adds: “The Töfffahren Jeris favorite hobby was. This time he was traveling alone.”

around 18 o’clock driving Jérôme H. from Vordemwald by the Boowald. In a long sweeping curve to the right, he loses, according to police, the dominion over his vehicle, device on the opposite lane. The motorist has no Chance – Frontal-Crash! Jérôme H. dies at the scene.

police badges

The siblings want nothing to say to the accident. The Canton police of Aargau determined yet. But spokesman Roland Pfister finds clear words about the track: “it is known to the police for a Hobby racer on two and four wheels. We, therefore, again and again, speed controls, to stop fast drivers. And will do so in the future.”

Jerome H. owned the bike-learner’s permit is only for a few months and had just completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter practitioners. “We are deeply concerned about what is happening with him,” says his Ex-teacher (50). “Our thoughts are with the families.”

parents were in the holiday

The parents of Jerome H. were in South Tyrol in the holiday, as at home the police rang. “I and my brother were at home, and have informed our parents,” said sister Chantal, and adds: “you are to immediately come back home.”

in the Meantime, you would have been able to say goodbye to all of you once again from Jeri. “It was important for us,” says his brother. It is important for the siblings that you want to leave after speaking with a VIEW only in Black-and-White scan. In Mourning. For your brother. Because: “We will miss Jeri.”

* name