“these are strange times right now, and that has several ways which adjustments to each and every one of us. But there is something that we always continue to do the cooking.” Corona or no corona, Jeroen Meus’s not going to be Leuven’s kitchen in the next few weeks, be left unattended to. The televisiekok is currently recording a new episode of Everyday . All the way on its own, with remote cameras. As such, the series will continue, but in a safe and responsible manner.

you will be satisfied, for, ever since the outbreak of the corona virus has the routine is an increase in viewer ratings. The dagelijksekost.is that the last couple of weeks and very well attended. People are looking for recipes for home-made waffles, bread and pancakes.
Jeroen Meus is currently recording a new episode of the day to day costs, entirely on its own. Photo: this is One
day to day costs, every day of the week at 18.15 hrs on One of.

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