In December, the fifth anniversary of the death of Udo Jürgens (1934-2014) marks. In an Interview with “Gala” to speak to his children, and actress Jenny Jürgens (52) and a DJ, and actor John Jürgens (55), about life with her famous father. “If Papa was home, it was always incredibly funny, we laughed a lot. With it, you could look very positive and fun to life,” says Jenny Jürgens

her brother added that these were times of how her “Childhood in Zurich and Kitzbühel,” especially the joint Ski trips to be left to them. “Because we have experienced these moments so intense, they work, but then bigger – he was in between, sometimes ten months at home.”

“The women have placed in the Hotel in front of Daddy’s door,”

Though father Udo was often on the road, was the Entertainer for his children is always there. “When it came down to business, stand dad like ne One,” said John. “If you really had love, sorrow, or problems with the teachers, was the dad to the Parking lot in front of the boarding-school,” says Jenny. On the question of whether the two of you were missing her father as a child, responds to John: “That would be Whining on a high level. We had lucked out, our life was great.” Jenny admits: “When I had problems, to find a life of my own, so between the ages of 16 and 20, because I would have used him more.”

From the “Merci, Chérie”-Star, you would have your positive attitude and the black humour. But there are things that want to make John and Jenny different than her father. “Without my father to want to criticize, I would make just on the subject of women things differently. I do not want to do so, as I would be a monk. But I think that you can keep yourself in check and be reasonable. (…) It’s probably not easier to be faithful when it is so sought after,” said John. Jenny adds: “The women have laid Yes door in the Hotel in front of Papa’s.” For your mother, Panja, who was married from 1964 to 1989, Jürgens, this was difficult.

Udos Ex-wife has taken “a great sadness of it”

Jenny Jürgens said about her mother: “Udo was her great love. She met him when he was not yet a Star. The two loved each other so. The piece broke down then. Clearly, our mother has worn a great sadness of it.” Finally, you would get it “well hung”. On the question of whether Jenny and John had the impression that Udo Jürgens repented of his infidelity, responds Jenny: “Absolutely.”

In his later years, Udo Jürgens had trouble with the Older. “I was asked if I believe that my father was happy,” says Jenny. “Since I answered “no”. The Older has to create him, the thought of Dying has him very stressed. Maybe he had a slight attachment to an old-age depression.” You would have “wished” that he could also enjoy in this Phase even more. “(…) He was melancholic and a lot of questions-has. At some point he said to me: “I was such a bad father.” And he has apologized. I answered: “dad, this is crap.””

“everything has been supplemented to a lot of”

John, that Udo “are suddenly shot the tears in the eyes” when he looked at the food … and his grandchildren. “The fact that both of his parents are died parts with 80, stood like a wall in front of him,” says John Jürgens. His sister says: “everything to Him was too much, as then the big TV Show for the 80. Birthday was produced.” The Entertainer, but I want to its obligations and live up to the expectations that all in him had. He did not want to disappoint, the “a lot of money with him deserved”. “He was a Driven man. He has let other exploit,” says John. (kad)