dream beach, dream man and dream ring: How else can the engagement of Jennifer Lopez (49) could go on the stage? Anyone who tries to stage his life as spotless as the Pop Diva leaves nothing to chance. Last weekend knelt down by her lover Alex Rodriguez (43) in front of her, at sunset in the Bahamas – in the Background is a photographer, so the important Moment is captured for the whole world.

20-carat to the engagement

Because A-Rod leaves nothing to chance. Seven months of the former U.S. spent-Baseball-Star-allegedly for the search for the perfect Ring for his Sweetheart. Finally, it is not the first high-caliber of Lopez’s Finger, it is her fifth engagement. She proudly presented the most recent Piece on Instagram, its largest to date: jewelers appreciate the Ring is 20 carats. Value: 4 to 5 million Swiss francs.

call to battle

Now a shadow has been cast over the glittering, love-Idyll: A-Rod is said to have an affair with another woman. The announced José Cansesco (54), also a former baseball player, shortly after the engagement on Twitter: “If you knew that he’s cheating on you with my Ex-wife, Jessica. The poor thing has no idea who he really is.” He was there when A-Rod a few months ago with his wife, Jessica (46) just got off the phone. Now he calls on the fiance of Lopez to a fight.

Kitschy request

To be a Showdown between the two Ex-professional athletes, it will come. Jennifer Lopez has already responded – in their own way: you put the image of the marriage application on Instagram. The snapshot was originally intended only for the family album. Thus, the Pop-Diva clear that you can be your love luck of any Wölklein dull. At least for now. Lopez was engaged five Times, married, but only three times. The wedding with Ben Affleck (46) has been cancelled in September, 2003, by him, four days before the appointment. The 2-million-Dollar engagement ring she gave back good, finally, you need the space for bigger bling.