Actually, Hollywood Star Jennifer Lawrence (29) is in addition to her acting, especially for their offensive spells, and excessive parties is known. Now, the actress with an Amazon list full of bünzliger request gifts to your upcoming wedding with the American art dealer Cooke Maroney (34) for headlines.

But why the film divides icon that protects your private life, otherwise, rather, their gift list at all publicly in an online shopping provider? “Planning a wedding is exciting, it can be an overwhelming but also” writes of the “hunger games”Star. You wool. therefore, your list with all the parts that were also in search of gift ideas

The wall of wood is available for around 30 francs

Lawrence’s wish list reads accordingly unglamourös: The Oscar-winner apparently urgently need a pasta machine, a fondue pot and a wall of wood made of marble. In addition, the actress, for your Drinking propensity is known has set, the mass of glasses on your wish list: those for wine, for Whiskey, for Martini and champagne. Add a decanter of wine and a Cocktail Mix-Set. Nothing really Exciting – even the elegant wall of wood only costs around 30 francs.

For as much time as possible with your loved one Cooke Maroney, you are still already married should have to spend on leads, Jennifer Lawrence is also a handy vacuum cleaner robot on your list. Whether a movie star of their Size, employ a whole army of employees, needs a cleaning robot, is an open question.