For almost six years, Glanz & Gloria “-presenter Jennifer Bosshard (26) and Pascal Schürpf (29) are together”. Now that you have spent in Bali unforgettable couple’s vacation. “Actually, our love anniversary would be in August, but we need to judge us when it comes to holiday after the Super League match schedule and the summer break.” Schürpf shoot for the FC Luzern gates on the current Band, the contract with the audience favorite is just been up to 2022 extended.

“We’re both still blown away by Bali,” says Bosshard. “I’ve never seen such Vegetation, beautiful plants in the most magnificent colors. And the people are extremely hospitable.” Under the guidance of local women prepared Bosshard and Schürpf also own specialities, such as Pepes Ikan, or Tempe Manis to. “These dishes are extremely tasty.”

the wedding for early in the summer of 2020 planned

Just once, it was tough, in the truest sense of the word. “In the South we were with a snorkel group. We were looking for manta rays, we found an estimated of a Million jellyfish,” says Bosshard. “Now we can laugh about it, but it was really scary, as the water was suddenly full of them. Back red spots remained, and later formed pustules. Everything is now thankfully healed.”

Now, boss hard and Schürpf are looking forward to the next early summer. Then the big wedding is set to rise firmly, the engagement was last year. Jennifer boss hard: “We don’t want to take our time, time is of the essence, Yes.”