first Of all: Dennis Everberg is the best – because the most complete foreigners to the EV train. The 27-year-old Swede is a stunner in the Slot to separate from the disc, to fight the winner of the most two, front and rear solid, Power – and Boxplay is equally important.

so Why is it worse for Lausanne, that Quali-Topskorer Dustin Jeffrey (31) fails, as for the ECC, the Lack of Everberg? Because the Canton of Vaud are too dependent on your canadian club, and its line.

Jeffrey makes the nominally first storm with Joel Vermin and Christoph Bertschy so irresistible. In qualifying, the Trio has together 144 Skorerpunkte (50 goals!) acquired. In the quarter-final against the SCL Tigers 22 Skorerpunkte (12 goals). With Jeffrey’s replacement Mika Partanen (26) fines of Lausanne parade block enormously in quality. Behind it, the team is not balanced to be as strong as the EVZ.

The load is equal to the masses

spread And that’s exactly why train Everbergs failure is so good. The Team is the Star. No matter, the four mercenaries, or whether (as in the qualification) and only three or even two foreigners – the responsibility of coach Dan Tangnes (40, No) anyway, on all shoulders equally distributed.

PS: About the date of the possible return of both players in the Playoff will weigh-compliant. Train Dennis Everberg (Shoulder?) a Check of Lugano Chorney in the fourth quarter-final game. Lausanne, Switzerland, Dustin Jeffrey (Adductors?) in the starting third of the Grand final a maximum against Langnau.