Jeff Sessions (72) is planning his Comeback in Washington. The Republicans took up in 2017, two decades the U.S. state of Alabama in the Senate, before he was promoted by Donald Trump (73) to the Minister of justice. Two and a half years later, last November, he had to step on the large pressure of the President’s back.

Sessions will be announced on Thursday, matching Reports of his candidacy for the Senate seat of Democrat Doug Jones (65). The Senate election in Alabama, is for the Republicans to be extremely important because it is the only realistic Chance for a Democrat for a seat in the Senate to recover.

ironically, Jeff Sessions, inaugural and now to this Mission, ensures proper fuel. Because the arch-conservative father of three children has fallen out with Trump as the Minister of justice duly.

So Sessions with Trump

is divided Almost since the establishment of the Trump government, the two were at war. Sessions explained in the Russia affair, for self-conscious and joined in the walkout. His justification: As a member of the Trump team, he had taken in the election campaign of 2016, with a Russian Ambassador. The decision of the Sessions was for the President to be a Problem, because in order for the overall supervision of the investigation of the Russia-contacts to the former Vice-Minister of justice, Rod Rosenstein. This was in may of 2017, the former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special investigator, the beaten, the President is hard.

Trump moved here in those months repeatedly and publicly about his Minister of justice. “I don’t have a Minister of justice. It is very sad,” he says once. Other Times, titled Trump Sessions as a “coward,” called his leadership a “complete joke”. For the “witch-hunt”, as the US President has called the Russia-investigations, he made the Session responsible.

But this past Trump now brings in the dilemma: he Goes with his hated Minister of justice to bed, and help his party to an important Senate seat? Or he watscht him publicly and risk the election in Alabama?

Trump: For the party with “its the devil”?

will First have to prevail in the Sessions in the Republican primaries. His closest competitor will probably be Roy Moore (72) – a politician who was put under in 2017 against the Democrats Doug Jones. Roy Moore was accused in the election of several women to have you as minors abused.

Because Sessions in the state of Alabama as a Senator, was always extremely popular, he has the best chance to secure the party nomination. Except Trump continues his Twitter rants against him, then it could be tight. But if the U.S. wants to run the President would rather see a Republican campaign that is custom to allegations of Abuse is facing, and in the conservative state against a Democrat and lost, is questionable.

for these reasons, it is likely that you will see Trump in the coming year, together with Jeff Sessions at a campaign event in Alabama. From trump’s personal point of view, it would be a Pact with the devil.


On 5. November 2020 the presidential elections held in the United States. Donald Trump (73) is seeking a second term. And also the candidate field of Democrats is so great as never. All the information about the elections and candidates, it is always in the News Ticker.