The mountain and the adventure. Therefore the alarm clock this Sunday to ring us early in the morning from the bed. After a quick shower, we lace up warm Hiking boots and grab the on the eve of the Packed backpack.

in Front of the door, the adventurers feeling is rising for the first Time. In eye-catching Red Jeep Wrangler with a black Hardtop on our lot. Jeep has preserved the visual legacy and so is the latest edition of the all-terrain cart-icon practically only for connoisseurs of the predecessor. On the bonnet of the word “Rubicon” stands out. This equipment is in addition to the electrical slip limit all-terrain and off the lettering on fat 17-inch off-road tires to detect.


But also the hard off-roader has a soft core. After he stood all night in the cold, it activates the same seat and steering wheel heating, as we start the engine, so that it is fast, cozy and warm. With just a few clicks, our driving aim and launch into the adventure.

On the highway, we are happy about the soft seats, because even at 80 km/h, the Wrangler hops because of its off-road tyres properly. Entertainment on Board is through the wind noise is a little difficult. But motorways are not the preferred area. Only without paved roads under the Tires of the Wrangler feels right at home.

Off the road

Previously, we climb over snow-covered roads in the mountains. For this, we switch from rear – to all-wheel drive. The curves are due to the spongy and a little hard steering, hard work. The 2.2-litre Turbodiesel accelerates with 200 HP and 450 Nm of neat from the Back. Outside of the next village, we left the streets and darting into the forest. – Enabled all-terrain gearing, the Wrangler plows his way through the Wilderness, without snow, tree stumps or stones to stop.

Up to this point no one wants to get lost like SUVs. In this solitude we Park the 67’900 Swiss francs available iconic off-roader and start to walk our trek to the summit.

of 2.2 R4 turbo diesel, 200 HP, 450 Nm at 2000/min, 8-speed automatic, 4×4
drive performance 0-100 km/h in 9.6 s, top speed of 150 km/h (with all-terrain tires)
mass 4,88 m in length, 1.89 m wide, 1,85 m height, weight of 2197 kg, Trunk 548-1059 l
power consumption factory/Test 7.9/10.4 l/100 km, 209/275 g/km of CO2, energy G
list price 67’900 Fr. (Base: 2-door “sports”, 200 o. 272 HP, 54’900 Fr.)
Plus true off-road vehicle, lots of space, powerful engine, iconic Design
Minus spongy steering, a little heavy on fuel consumption