And how! The three oldest have been since March, every Friday.

I’m very proud and a bit worried.

Because they are not in school (laughs).

Every five seconds a child dies under ten years of Hunger. This world could be according to the feed Uno twelve billion people is normal. So almost Double the world’s population. A child who dies of Hunger is murdered.

… and nobody goes on the road. A Scandal!

no! What happens now, is great. Hundreds of thousands of young people go every Friday, everywhere in Europe, on the road, attack their governments, say: you do nothing, you are allowing the destruction of the planet! We are at the beginning of an incredible movement.

Because climate warming threatens the very existence of these children directly.

At the last Demo in Geneva, the young people stopped in front of the Bunker Credit Suisse Place de Cornavin – this large Bank-financed solid the oil industry. A student shouted into the megaphone: “Noyez les banquiers, pas la banquise” – drown the bankers, not the ice pack. The absolute radicality of this movement.

of Course not. Expressed the desire for a radical break with the money bags that control our world. So far, most of the claims of the children were against the governments. Now they realize that they can’t do anything.

An example: 36 percent of cars in France run on Diesel. Diesel engines maximum climate effect. In order for something to happen, it would have to be banned diesel cars. But France has nine million unemployed. No government dares to close diesel factories. It makes no sense for governments to attack. You need to attack the System.

The oligarchs of globalized financial capital have built a dictatorship in which even the greatest States of this world have nothing more to say. I have described in my latest book, in which I answer questions on my granddaughter to capitalism.

of Course, every author is a vain guy! But you can’t say it. These children don’t need thought leaders. I deliver just arguments. My book should be a weapon in your hands.

I see that my arguments are needed – and I say this not out of vanity. The book will be translated in 14Sprachen, is in Germany on the bestseller list. This success is really to be explained only with the yellow West, and the climate of youth. The book is a bit of a Bible for the children.

(Laughs) you Delete it immediately from your recording device.

Absolutely. This capitalist System has nothing to do with impressive, dynamics and creativity. But these concerns disappear any control. They work according to a single principle: profit maximization in the shortest time possible to any human price. The 500 largest TRANS-continental corporations have controlled last year, 52.8 per cent of the world gross national product. You have the Power, as they never had a king on this planet. It brings nothing, the governments attack. It’s a radical capitalism needs critique. The comes now.

Yes. Either we destroy capitalism or it will destroy us.

you Expect to see a violent uprising?
The history teaches us that domination of the classes, as now, the TRANS-continental financial oligarchy, never give up voluntarily their privileges. They fight back to the blood. If I look at the history, it seems to me impossible, that it will be different.

This is the big puzzle. But on the Morning of the storming of the Bastille, no-one knew what the new society would arise on the ruins of the monarchy.

you make me a reproach! The is unfounded. I agree with Brecht: “Only happy Revolutionaries are a good Revolutionary.”

I have a very privileged life. That’s true. But I have had nine processes of major banks, financial sharks and speculators on the neck. It was about slander and Defamation. I was sentenced to massive damages. Therefore, I now have high debt.

of Course.

This is a question that you must ask yourself never. I and you, we are so privileged to be incredible. The least we can do is to fight, for that have no voice. Freedom is a luxury on this planet. Clearly, I’m insulted and threatened. But with all what I have seen, no longer could I look at myself in the mirror, if I only play Tennis and beer would drink. I don’t think I am by chance on this world.

Yes. If I was convinced that I would be the only the product dance Festival, and in the Bernese Oberland, a pure coincidence, so then I would hang up on me – this is unbearable. Every life has a purpose.

I used to think that a person who dies of starvation, goes out like a candle. The opposite is the case. First, he consumes his fat and sugar reserves, then infections occur in the metabolism, then break down the Immune and muscular system. I have seen in South Sudan and in Yemen, children were like little animals in the dust, because they could no longer keep on the legs. Death by starvation is one of the worst death there is.

In one sentence: What you are asking?
I want a world without Hunger, exploitation and humiliation, there needs to be a revolt of conscience and the abolition of capitalism.


The Emeritus sociology Professor Jean Ziegler (85) is one of the world’s best-known critics of globalisation. He was UN special Rapporteur on the right to food. Currently, Ziegler is a member of the UN human rights Council. The former SP national councillor, wrote numerous best-sellers, because of its proximity to despots like Gaddafi or Mugabe, but also again and again in the criticism. He lives with his wife Erica Russin GE.