In Brazil the family dog out of jealousy caused fatal injuries to two newborn twins. The animal attacked the children at the time when the mother left them and went to talk to the neighbor. This writes the newspaper the Sun with reference to the police report.

The girls were 26 days old. Living five years with his family the dog is a mixed breed of Labrador Retriever and American Foxhound has always been calm and gentle. The animal’s behaviour changed when she got the babies. The dog began to show them jealousy due to the fact that the owners began to pay her less attention.

The tragedy occurred on June 23. The mother of twins 29-year-old Ellen novaes family left the children to talk with a neighbor, at that moment she heard the crying. Back in the nursery, she tried to drag the dog, but he managed to cause children serious injuries. As told by the doctors, one of the girls died immediately from his wounds, the second they could not be saved. The family lives with another dog, but she didn’t attack children.

Now the mother of the infant is in the hospital, where he tries to recover from the shock. Police have launched an investigation into the death of children.

Earlier in Zlatoust pack of dogs attacked the child in the yard and drove the boy to the top of the swing set on the Playground.