In the luxury hotel Hyatt in Cologne, directly on the Rhine opposite the old town and the Cathedral: Waiting for actor Jason Statham (52). In front of the open door, a security guard runs past. Jason Statham needs a Bodyguard? Laughter. Then the unmistakable voice with the Südlondoner accent thunders through the room. “Hey, Guys! Sorry that I made you wait.” During the interview, the pop is drinking hard Action-Star Cappuccino coffee from a white Cup in his hands much too small.

rober action hero since two years, but also a family man. You and your partner, Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are parents of little Jack. How has it changed?
Jason Statham : Extremely. It is very much emotional. It is a fascinating change that you go through, if you suddenly father. And I’m also softer, Yes.

you mean, because I now have a responsibility?

you Know, I’ve never done Stunts, I would have risked my life. But a lot of actors wouldn’t do my Stunts. I’m running up walls, I throw myself on the floor and beat with any of the types. Everything, what I’m physically able to do myself, since “Transporter”. And I’m going to do even more – even though I now have a child.

all the time! The muscles and joints are affected, the knee discs to fly out. The back of my neck, it caught in “The Mechanic” evil. But I’ve made then, Yes, other movies.

The body finds a way to do it. The neck injury has done to my physical therapist now and again. I really need to take better care of me. It’s like having an old car. You can’t coil the miles down and the cart then simply just from time to time to wash. Sometimes you have to change the cylinder head gasket.

Furious : Hobbs & Shaw,” do you drive a McLaren .
Finally! I already asked in the last three films, according to a – simply because I wanted to know if you have the Budget to do so. (laughs) It worked.

hr rival. Respect?
in Front of Dwayne? We have the same sarcastic sense of Humor and tease us away from the camera like to (smiles). But the ultimate in respect, I was just in front of my Mum. She is the Boss. Or Dad. Well, yeah, but Mum is the Boss of Dad. So it is, at least in my home.

The has me inspired always. When I was water Springer, I always had competition. But that was always in a friendly and healthy rivalry. I represented my country, was twelve years a member of the British national squad.

… always the good guy!

Jason Statham was born on 26. In July 1967, born in the English Shirebrook, the son of a dancer and a singer. His film debut when he was cast in the crime Comedy “Bube, Dame, König, grAS” (1998). His breakthrough came then in the action film “The Transporter” (2002), where he played the main role. Since then, Statham, especially as an Action Hero for the Gross is known. Before he became an actor, he was a Model and professional water Springer. He is in a relationship with the British Top Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (32), with whom he has a son.