the Places can be a problem in Tokyo, where smittetallet continues to rise.

In the coming days is expected and japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, to declare a nationwide emergency condition.

It can enter into force already on Tuesday, reports the japanese newspaper the yomiuri according to the news agency Reuters.

An emergency condition will give increased powers to the governors of hard-hit regions throughout Japan.

they will have The opportunity to ask people to stay home and to close the business.

the condition of emergency will not, however, allow for a very comprehensive lockdown in common with several other countries, for example China. It writes Reuters.

In Japan addressed the increasing attention towards the capital, Tokyo.

Sunday was reported 143 new smittetilfælde of coronavirus in the megapolis.

the Increase means according to the news agency dpa that Tokyo is approaching the threshold of pain for about there are beds enough for all.

817 patients was Saturday during treatment for Covid-19 in hospitals in the capital.

Local media outlets report that pressure is rising on Abe to declare a national emergency condition.

Meanwhile, the shopping areas in Tokyo exceptionally quiet, and the local authorities urging people to stay home, writes dpa.

Abe is expected according to the yomiuri to give the message about a national emergency condition Monday. Then it can enter into force the following day.

Tokyo governor, Yuriko Koike, indicated last week that a condition of emergency in the entire region would be a way to ensure that the citizens kept a distance.

In most cases, the expected violations, however, not to be met with punishment.

In march, the prime minister, on the basis of a rewrite of the country’s legislation, the possibility to declare the emergency condition due to coronaviruses.

This requires that the virus poses “a serious threat” against the lives and the economy.

the Virus has already increased Japan’s risk of hitting a recession. It denotes a period of at least two quarters of economic decline.

Over 3000 people have been tested positive for the corona virus, and 85 have died with Covid-19 in Japan, according to a statement made by the Johns Hopkins University.

Although it is low compared with many other countries, fear the experts, according to Reuters for a sudden increase and its effect on the healthcare system.

Japan has already been forced to postpone the OLYMPICS because of coronaviruses.