180 coronapatienter included in the trials should clarify whether the drug for heartburn can relieve the disease.

Doctors at the Aarhus university Hospital has Saturday launched a trial of a japanese drug against heartburn as a treatment for coronaviruses.

– We have now received the study drug home from Japan and can go ahead with that deal, says a physician in the department of infectious diseases, Ole Schmeltz Søgaard.

In march showed a German attempt, medicinal product name camostat mesylate in celleforsøg could slow down the Covid-19 – the disease, which is triggered by the coronavirus.

the Trial in Denmark will be the first of its kind, where you systematically test the medicine against Covid-19.

the 180 patients included in the trial. Some people get ineffective treatment – so-called placebomedicin. Other get the active substance in the medicinal product.

It must clarify whether one group will have a milder course or a shorter hospitalization than the other group.

the Drug was already on the market in Japan in 1986, so the effect and the side effects are well understood.

the Trial is an offer to coronapatienter in all of the country’s five regions.

Researchers expect to be ready with a result of about three months.

It is just one of the several attempts undertaken in the effort to find treatment that can combat or alleviate the coronavirus.

A second attempt at Aarhus university Hospital to clarify the of blood from raskmeldte coronapatienter can help hiv.

– the Study aims to investigate the quality of the raskmeldte patients ‘ antibodies, as they have in the body after the disease.

– When we add antibody to a sick person, it is hoped that the body helped to fight the infection, says associate professor Martin Tolstrup, Institute for Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University, in a press release.

More healed patients have already signed up as donors.

the Study is supported by almost seven million from the government’s hastepulje to coronarelateret research and development.