Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, speaking Tuesday in Parliament, made a resonant statement. In it, he noted that he had not promised the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that Japan will incur additional costs due to the transfer of the Olympic games in Tokyo 2020 for 2021 in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. The Association of Japanese doctors, in turn, said that to hold the Olympics without vaccines and drugs from the early stages will be difficult.The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe in his speech in Parliament said that he had not promised the IOC to take on their additional costs to organize and host the Olympics due to her transfer from summer 2020 summer 2021. He stressed that Japan will make every effort to ensure that the Games were held under the auspices of the victory of mankind over the coronavirus.Japan has already spent on preparation for the Olympics more than $12 billion, and in connection with the transfer of the Games costs are likely to increase, according to the Agency Kyodo, another $3 billion. However, article published on 20 April on the website of the IOC, it was argued, if Shinzo Abe agreed that his country would cover the costs which it would have “incurred in accordance with the terms of the agreement for 2020”. However, later this phrase was deleted from the text.The Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike, in turn, said that the government of Japan, authorities of the capital, and the organizational Committee will continue to carefully consider the costs associated with the postponement of the Olympics. “The Olympics delayed for one year, which fell heavily in the first place for athletes, accustomed to a four-year cycle of training. A big problem arose with sponsors that have the athletes and federations were contracted, designed mainly to end Games. We make every effort to resolve this issue”,— said Ms. Koike.Oil poured into the fire on Tuesday during an online briefing and the head of the Association of medical doctors of Japan, Ashitaka Akakura who is convinced that the Olympic games in Tokyo in the summer of 2021 will be extremely difficult to conduct, if by that time not received the vaccine for coronavirus. “Without an effective vaccine to hold the Olympics will be difficult. But I’m not saying that it should not be undertaken at all. Therefore, we need to hasten the development of drugs and vaccines,” he said.Meanwhile, the organizing Committee of the “Tokyo 2020” today said it is ready to cancel the Olympic games, if the pandemic will not be defeated by the summer of 2021. Vera Mukhina