Japan’s Government plans to introduce vouchers for tourists in the amount of $ 185 (20 thousand yen, or 13 thousand rubles) a day. Thus the authorities want to help the injured because of the epidemic of the coronavirus tourism sector, says the Agency Kyodo News.

it is Noted that such subsidies will allow travelers to cover up to half of the daily allowance. Checks will take in the cafes, restaurants and shops. Spending on flights with them will not be covered. Total for program planning to allocate 1.35 trillion yen ($12.5 billion or 660 billion).

“it is Expected that the initiative will begin in late July. To receive the subsidy, you need to book a hotel (this includes traditional hotels Ryokan) directly or through Japanese travel agencies”, says Kyodo News. Pandemic COVID-19 hurt the tourism in the country, not only because of reducing the usual tourist traffic, but also due to the cancellation of the Olympics in Tokyo.

Earlier it was reported that the Japanese government will be allocated to stimulate the economy of the order of 2.18 trillion dollars, which is one third of the total GDP of the country. This will be one of the largest aid packages in the world.