Tokyo believes it is important to retain the current structure of the group of seven (G7), said chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, commenting on the intention of U.S. President Donald trump be invited to the G7 summit of leaders of Russia, India, Australia and South Korea.

“the Case of the U.S. as the organizer of this meeting is to agree on the final form it might take. But we believe it is important to maintain the present structure of “seven”, – quotes the words of the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Japan TASS.

Yoshihide Suga declined to comment on the message that Japan has communicated to US their disagreement with the invitation to the summit South Korean President moon Jae-In, on the grounds that the policy of Seoul concerning North Korea and China does not meet the General course “seven”.

“I would Like to refrain from commenting on the ongoing diplomatic exchanges,” said the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan.

Recall that in late may, trump decided to invite the G7 to Russia, India, Australia and South Korea. In August last year, trump advocated the return of Russia in the G8. Later the White house said that the invitation of Russia at the G7 summit in the United States in 2020 could be an intermediate step to restore the G8 format. However, in early December, 2019 U.S. congressmen voted against the participation of Russia in the G7.

After that, the foreign Ministry reported that Russia wishes to join the G7.

In the Kremlin noted that the return of the “Big eight” is not Russia’s goal. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was not against the restoration of the format “Big eight”, but stated that the era of the West is coming to an end.