The vote on the amendments proposed to the amendments to the Constitution of Russia did not change the position of the government of Japan regarding the territorial belonging of the Kuril Islands. As reported TASS, said the Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Acehide Suga.

In January, as reported by “the Rambler”, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin proposed to make the Constitution a number of changes. One of them includes a ban on the alienation of Russian territory. June 10, start of early voting on amendments, on June 25 started a nationwide voting and the main voting day took place yesterday.


Today journalists asked Sougou to comment on the vote on the amendments to the Constitution of Russia. He refused to do it, while stressing that the Japanese government is closely watching Russia’s domestic and foreign policy.

“In our position (relative to the territorial jurisdiction of the southern group of Islands of the Kuril archipelago. — Approx. ed.) no change,” — said the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan.