Janni has for the last six years has gone through several skønhedsindgreb. Now she can enjoy the finished result.

‘Forsidefruer’-baben has recently been through two different skønhedsindgreb, both of which have required multiple visits to the clinics. Now she can finally enjoy the finished result.

Since the age of now 50, said Janni, a vaginal tightening could benefit her. It is done by using a new technology in Denmark, which is only offered in a clinic in Hellerup. The method is called ThermiVa, and here are the skin, muscles and nerves in the area heated, causing it to regenerate.

“I am very satisfied. It has got a very youthful appearance, as it has pulled together. You can compare it with a flower,” says Janni for Realityportalen, after the three treatments, as it is recommended to get the best result.

“It is a varmepind used, which can be up to 48 degrees. It does neither hurt nor burn, but it is a strange feeling,” says ‘Forsidefruen’ about the treatment.

She had Amalie with a support at his side, which therefore testify that the two really found each other again, and once and for all has put all conflicts behind them.

Amalie is not the only one, which supports the Janni.

“I think the other ladies are happy. They say: “Janni, you are such a role model for us”. And Karsten is also happy. But he also felt, it was fine before,” laughs Janni.

Even a numseløft

in Addition to Janni has been a tightening up at the bottom, so she has five weeks ago been through a numseløft. Her Brazilian Butt Lift has been split up in two operations because there can be more security by spraying less fat check at a time. In addition, it may be easier to shape the bottom.

“I have got rid of a little on the sidebenene and led it into the top of the bum. It has been much easier and more painless here the second time. The first time I could not sit down for six weeks, I can now. I can also easily work out,” says Jannie and adds:

“Now I’ve got a small waist, and it has been very, very fine. I am glad that I just went into a second round.”

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