the Tv host and journalist Janni Pedersen is one of the many who have experienced the fear of being hit by corona virus.

She has posted a feature on his Instagram profile, where she says she has several times been in contact with the health system for help.

‘Have had pain in the breast for some weeks. 1. Call to the doctor was that it was probably pneumonia, a week after he said that I probably had a virus in the lungs. The day before yesterday, I called almost desperately and got a referral to swab at Bispebjerg,’ it sounds it initially in her postings, as she continues:

‘And who beat the gravity me. We stood in a long queue, very serious mines, and anxious. It could be brand. And although I since the end of december have been sitting in the NEWS studio and told us about the dead and infected, so tagged me extra much. That our lives are changed, and we may socialize in a different way in the future.’

In the video that follows with the text, describes the reporter, how she stands with three meters distance to the next in the queue, which also must be inoculated at the hospital.

“It is simply so uncomfortable, it here. There are probably 30 people in front of me, and they stand two to three meters distance,” sounds from her in the video.

“Whew, I also know I look like one or another weird, but I have no desire to stand and show my face and eyes, not where I have it is uncomfortable. Damn,” says the 51-year-old host, as both have mundbind and sunglasses on in the video.

Fortunately, it turned out that she was not hit by the coronavirus, and she is now in treatment for any other disease, inform she on her profile.

in Addition to a few pictures and videos taken before her visit, so she has a little clip where she comes out after being grafted.

Here she says, being rooted deep in the mouth, and fortunately, it was she managed not to throw up.

however, It is not only his own experiences, which the reporter shares the. She uses also the opportunity to come up with a call.

‘And to those out there who do not understand the seriousness and parties with ølbon and several different groups of friends. For fucking sake. Stop,’ sounds from her.