finally, Jan Vertonghen has been the pros and cons of an extended stay in the North “we have to weigh up”. The contract will expire on June 30, Inter Milan would certainly be interested in.

The Premier League is certainly up to the 30th of april, think about it, but the chance is getting smaller and smaller, that’s it for this season yet to be played. A tough situation for the players, especially for those who have the end of contract.

finally, Jan Vertonghen (32) is in that sort of situation. “I am now at a point where I have all of the advantages and disadvantages of each possible option and look at a piece of paper to write”, he said in the tv show The room .

The Red Devil is about a three-to-four years of his career, close to a place where he would want to settle down. “I’ve got to decide what I really want in my career. I should also start to think of where I would like to have lived in one of those languages I want to learn, in whatever culture, I want to live…”

(or Inter? Or is it Ajax?

The defender has been this season, no basisspeler more in the North, but coach Jose Mourinho wants him to remain. “He has been here eight seasons and still be more than happy to, it sounds in the environment. “A prolonged stay is sure to be no exception.”

If he could leave his former club Ajax, as a prime candidate for called. Vertonghen went in there with the best of intent and of his wife Sophie de Vries from Amsterdam. But Vertonghen seems to be such a return, and now it’s still too early to find out. Inter Milan then? The team of Romelu Lukaku, it would already be a far-reaching interest.