the Flemish minister-president Jan-Ham raises on the coronamaatregelen well to keep up with. “We’re not there yet,” said Ham, in the VTM News. Ham can understand that for some people, it is difficult to get to the coronabeperkingen. However, it is too early to put on the brakes, to to keep. “It’s going to be yet, it may not be, and it may not.”

on Wednesday, makes the National Security council, and a review of the measures taken in the fight against feline corona virus. Normally, there will be an answer to the questions about the school, events, trips, and so on. Prime Minister Jan Jambon wants to be in the first place, to listen to the opinions of the gezondheidsexperten. “You know, I think that the measures, as they are now, there is a period of time will be stopped,” said Ham.

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Ham and is hoping that there will be “within a reasonable period of time” is a softening of the measures, and to warn as well as several public health experts to be a weakness in the enforcement of existing measures. “The call of the people to the measures very carefully to be alive,” said Ham.

Ham and put it in the studiogesprek VTM to be the minister of well-being, Wouter Beke (CD&V). That last one was last week criticised for its response to the crisis in the Flemish residential care centres. “No, no, Wouter Beke, is not to leave in the next year.” According to Ham, has Beke, indeed, quickly and efficiently done. “This is a crisis like the one we have seen before. I don’t think he’s < / I> (Beke, ed.). and the finger is being pointed.”

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