Krigsfotografen Jan Grarup caused a stir when he in London and told that he was going to live completely as usual, although he showed signs of corona.

Now he has changed position, and he says on his Instagram profile that he has learned much since he came with what he himself calls for ‘cynical’ announcements.

He says that he has received four death threats and numerous threats of beatings. They hit him, however, not so much, as other comments have.

‘however, It has affected me, that a part has called me for landsforræder. Even more evil did it, as a man, I have great respect for, said that I was only interested in living as normally as possible, in order to be able to make a new book on the Danish corona-victims. I must be really cynical.’

this is the sound of it in his posting, where he also unveils that he has been hit hard by his disease.

‘I have been seriously ill with a high fever, pain in the whole body – in the head – severe coughing like never before, rocked so I could not hold a glass of water. Chest pain on the day, breathing problems at night, but I have rescued the storm of the solo at home in quarantine, as I keep to the letter,’ he writes, and explains:

‘I’m in recovery, but can best compare it with the malaria, I have in the body, and which regularly come in bursts, combined with pneumonia. I have not burdened our doctors or hospitals – it seems to me, that I owe the top of my cynical opinions.’

For the newspaper, Politiken, says he, that his opinions have to hit him as a boomerang. The opinions he recently stood by for B. T.

“I tried to maintain a normality and had at that time not seen, how serious it was. My mistake. But I was also out the picture, because I could feel the beginnings of hysteria and indignation. I have a hard time with that when something comes close to us, then we react very powerful, and when something is far from us, we have only a shrug to spare,” he says and stresses that he thinks there will be a lack of compassion in relation to the many refugees in Europe.

“Right now there is community singing from the balconies on the Fringes, but all the social care we will not see, when coronaen framework Moria-the camp on Lesbos. It will be a gigantic disaster for the people who are already hårdtprøvede. I’m just not sure that our reaction will be the same. Therein lies my indignation. I am, and I was probably too influenced by my work in the world.”

In his postings on Instagram, he tells, that he well knows how serious the situation is for those who work in the health service. In addition, he stresses, what he has learned, which may possibly have been a crucial factor in why he has now put an invitation on his Instagram that people should stay home.

‘I talked with a friend the other day who is a professor, who wisely said that if we are not going through it here makes sense, then, we come in any case not to be able to help the truly disadvantaged – wise words, I have taken to me.’