Very good, thank you.

A Boy. He comes in January to the world.

we’re not telling (smiles).

Only our family and closest friends know it.

The rash is the end of Argument, Jans career, but my age was not.

Exactly. It was our desire to be parents and at my age, it is not, of course, that it works. We didn’t want to wait another ten years.

as long As I’m going to make hardly more. But I can’t estimate when I stop. Regardless of my profession: It fits at the moment everything in our lives, we are ready and looking forward huge.

In any case. Many people have asked me already, How are you going to do that as a professional athlete? First of all, I know, what a great wife I have. She supports me everywhere. Secondly, I’m not the First and not the last, of the is as a top athlete Papi.

Exactly. It is therefore in the Trend (laughs).

And Nicola Spirig is an even multiple mommy.

And this is again a different League, an even greater challenge. What are you doing, I take my hat off to.

We don’t feel different than other parents-to-be. Whether a top athlete or not: A child is always a Challenge. It is the life on the head.

Yes. How exactly, I don’t know yet – but 100 percent not-to-be.

We were pleased huge.

Other mummies-to-be say that they feel the gender early. I don’t know how to do that (smiles). It is great that it will be a Boy. But we would have enjoyed as a girl.

We wanted to know just to be able to prepare. Now, our biggest adventure is about to begin! to say

Difficult. I hadn’t trained properly, I would’ve landed nowhere – in spite of the feelings of happiness. The private life was extremely positive, has me inspired, but safe.

it may be. If it is extremely hard.

Sarah: We don’t overdo it with the reading specialist reading, but to trust on our instinct. At the same time I love it, with colleagues who are also pregnant or have recently had a child, had to talk about it. And then there is still something…

I notice things I haven’t observed earlier at all. In the Bus, I look at what others have for a pushchair. Or how parents dress their babies and what they give you to eat.

it is Good that we are in January parents. In the Winter I have some peace and quiet, as a triathlete. But later, I’ll have to make sure to get enough sleep, clearly. This is my capital. I try to put myself in other things more involved.

Jan is already very much in the budget that will continue to be a Problem.

humility and gratitude. And he should be satisfied with what he has.

finally, the words were used “The Nice” in the policy as a curse word. It’s annoying me. Because I grew up with the upbringing that Nice-would Be something very positive. I also want that my child is kind to others.

I wish it to be!