In may, it was announced that Jamie Oliver’s (44) must register restaurant chains, Jamie’s Italian, Fifteen, and Barbecoa insolvency. 1034 employees were on the road, 20 places were closed. Such as “The Sun” reported at the beginning of the year, amassed by the British Star cook a mountain of debt of around 93 million Swiss francs. A spokesman for Oliver said then, it was 62 million Swiss francs. In the show, “Jamie Oliver: The Naked Chef Bares All”, he talks about the Broke.

“My God, it’s hard,”

For the British channel “Channel 4”, the entrepreneurs in London of cameras to accompany, as he visited his first Restaurant, which he opened in 2002. “It is very scary. It’s like in a movie, when the bomb was detonated, and all will need to escape all back,” he says, as he walks through his empty, old Restaurant chain Fifteen.

in Front of the camera shows the chef himself emotionally and is struggling with the tears. “My God, it’s hard,” he said to presenter Davina McCall (51). “To survive In this industry is hard. I was very naive. I was good at it, to run a Restaurant. I have opened a lot of big Local, but people like small Restaurants. So we had these big cathedrals that we could not fill.”

rich he was with cook books, shows, and Merchandising

According to the “Daily Mail” invested Oliver, the scheffelte with cookbooks, shows and kitchen products, assets, 2017 out of their own pocket for 15.3 million francs in his faltering restaurant chains. Nevertheless, he had to dismiss a few months ago, over 1000 employees. He says: “The employees were paid up to the end, I made sure of that. The Hardest was to tell you that you no longer have a Job.”

According to the “Daily Record” had to fight long-term employees hard of their compensation. The affected Ex-employees told the Portal that only people in redundancy got money for longer than two years worked for Oliver. (kad)