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The new Bond relies more on Padding instead of a Mess. The now 25. Offshoot of the venerable espionage series comes in a little more than a month in the cinemas. Already now the expectations are bigger than the Ego of the double-zero agent.

► this is Why the ticket presale starts on Thursday: Fans can save at participating cinema chains in your first cards for “No time to die”. The onslaught is sure to be great: after all, it is Daniel Craig’s farewell performance as Agent 007. to die

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send First projected to (according to “Box Office Pro” ) Year-old will be the last part of the 51-also the so far strongest sales.

in the United States Alone are expected to be at the start of the weekend, up to $ 100 million in revenue. In the end it is to beat the previous record holder “Skyfall”. The Craig-Bond of 2012 and attracted notice almost two million visitors to German cinemas alone on the first weekend.

And now? In his fifth her Majesty’s secret service James enjoys stand at first to rest. But brought to a sudden end because of an important scientist has been kidnapped. At the request of his friend Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) takes Bond back the license to Kill.

you Bond the rank? Lashana Lynch, the new 007 NomiFoto: Nicola Dove © 2019 DANJAQ, LLC

The MI6 has someone else already plays, however, his service number 007 accepted: agent Nomi (Lashana Lynch) – she will Bond the new one? Producer Barbara Broccoli spoke to “Variety” a controversial power word: still not found a successor to Daniel Craig remains a man.

records on records

The Craig-finals will be more shaken than stirred: James bond 25. Use in almost all disciplines a new benchmark: production budget? According to the “Hollywood Reporter” a whopping 250 million dollars and in order to date the most expensive 007 at all.

Not only is the most expensive – also the longest Film of the brand it should be. The Bond films previously regarded as entertainment, to bring the audience this time, the seat meat.

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Still, the official time is not known, but various cinema operators announce with 165 to 174 minutes, the length of the film. For comparison: “Quantum of solace” with Daniel Craig, it took only 107 minutes.

“to die No time” is so flicker is probably almost three hours long on the canvas. More than ever a 007 before.