summer time – holiday time: And the whole of Switzerland is on the road. Now, the Federal office for transport has published the traffic forecast for the summer of 2019.

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And it warns: “By the end of June to mid-September should be expected because of the holiday traffic, in particular, from Friday to Sunday, with traffic jams and other disabilities.” Especially on the main North-South axes, you need patience!

“the direction of the South must be expected especially in July to August, with traffic jams and obstructions. In the direction of the North, in particular, is expected from mid-July to mid-September, with heavy traffic,” said Astra.

those Who can, should travel at the beginning of July. For the last two week of July massive “traffic is expect” volume, “where the jam will not dissolve from Friday to Saturday in the first place.”

On the journey back it will be in August. “Especially on Saturday and Sunday, it may be jamming in front of the eye of a needle, deep into the night”, so the Astra.

On these routes fountain is also to be expected with jam

Spiez – Kandersteg, gampel – Goppenstein (return trip) – Flüelen (Axenstrasse)Raron to brig Bellinzona – Locarno, as well as various main roads in the Bernese Oberland, the Grisons and in the Valais side valleys. At the border Bardonnex, Chiasso, Au, Koblenz, St. Margrethen and Thayngen transitions, waiting times are also possible.Car loading stations

Almost relaxed in comparison to the Winter, the drivers when loading and unloading, stations have it. “Waiting times are not yet ruled out – in comparison to the winter months, the waiting times low. At the Oberalp no trains run during the summer months, the pass road to the Traffic participant.” (vfc)